Agent Sites

Dynamic capabilities. Tailored offerings. A customizable experience.

An innovative, e-commerce approach to agents communicating with their customers

Integrated business intelligence that helps you track, monitor, and optimize your individual performance as well as the buying journey of your customers.

Real-Time Stats

View bookings and earnings made in the last day and the last month plus see a chart displaying the actual growth pace in relation to the goal you have set.

Customer Searches

Gain access to the customer’s search history on your site as well as a list of what all other users have searched in order to assist each individual customer find exactly what they are looking for.

Price Optimization

Have the ability to view the lowest and highest possible hotel prices and to adjust offerings from client to client in order to experiment with your margins and to boost conversion.

Effective Search Capabilities

Help your clients locate the perfect hotel with our interactive map feature that allows you to search for hotels not just in a specific city, but also near train stations, landmarks or airports.

Additional Agent Site Features

Cutting-Edge Tracking

Agents & call center reps have access to what the customer sees to help you track their buyer journey.

Customizable Experience

Have the ability to keep track of what each agent is doing and how much each agent makes.

Advanced Map Capabilities

Use our interactive map to search for hotels near a specific address, landmark, train station, etc.

An Optimized Site

See minimum & maximum hotel prices & play with your margins according to how much you want to earn off each client.

Pinpoint User Needs

See every step of each buyer journey to help you determine if they are looking for a trip for family, business or other.

Dynamic Pricing

This capability allows each agent to tailor hotel offerings for specific clients in order to increase conversion.

An Agent Site With Last Minute Travel Club
Agent Sites are the perfect solution for the business that wants to see who is calling and what exactly the customer has been looking for. This customizable site makes calls more efficient, consequently making more time for more calls and more bookings to be made.

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