Employee Benefits

Discounted travel: The most sought after employee perk

Improve your employee's mental and physical well-being

By offering discounted travel options, you can improve your employees’ mental and physical well-being while simultaneously boosting their productivity and creativity.

"Last Minute Travel Club has been a wonderful addition to our Perks Program. Our members love travel offers and we are happy to be able to offer them great discounts through Last Minute Travel Club. Our members trust us to bring them the best discounts and know that Last Minute Travel is a partner we can rely on."

Julie Roth
Campaign Manager

What You Can Expect From Us

Client Data

Learn more about your customer's behavior with our proprietary reports.

High Credibility

Part of Hotelbeds Group, the largest wholesale travel company in the world.

Best-in-Class Technology

Responsive design, dedicated app, great user interface & high conversion rates.

A Committed Team

Full service marketing suite that provides a variety of marketing assets.

A Top-Notch Platform

The most capable travel platform to enhance your employee benefits offers.

Dedicated Travel Experts

Our support center is ready to hear from you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additional Benefits

Gain access to weekly deals and the deepest travel discounts that can be given directly to your employees.
Enjoy leisure vacations with the internet’s best hotel & cruise deals & access to thousands of fun activities.
Improve employee satisfaction & company morale with the #1 most sought after benefit.
Enjoy a full service marketing team that provides promotional materials tailored to your needs.

What Products We Offer


Hotels in over 4,500 cities around the world.


Vacation homes in just as many cities.


Rental car companies to help you get around.


Activities, shows, theme park tickets and more.


Cruises to the world's top destinations.


Vacation packages to make your trip planning easier.


Transfers to get you to the airport and to your hotel.


Airline companies to make your trip possible.

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